Julien Foussard analyzes the 2020 management trend

Julien Foussard

Each new year is an occasion to assess the most common practices of organizations, in terms of training, knowledge, tools renewal and also management.

Julien Foussard analyzes for us the 2020 trends and shares his feeling and expertise on these new practices.

Julien Foussard addresses the new management practices

Setting new goals at the beginning of the year may enable organizations to assess their managerial practices, the motivation of their teams and their productivity.

The organizations must be up-to-date in order to meet their employees’ expectations and the evolution of the professional world.

For 2020, three trends are emerging in the professional space and the working world: some new flexibility in the employees pace, the consideration of the human factor at the core of the business, and a wider corporate concept.

How to understand these changes and how to implement them in your organization? How to put yourself in a leadership position during these transformations?  How to guarantee productivity and the work atmosphere despite these changes? Julien Foussard answers each of these questions.

Nomadic and mobile employees is a concept which continues to sharply increase and the greatest trend of the last years Professionals are more and more attracted by the idea of freedom in the organization and in their way of working. 

Facing this reality, the firms must be organized to meet this requirement and the expectations of their employees while assuring productivity and growth. In that respect, managers can find solutions such as suggesting a day of remote working per week to their employees. Changing working environment can boost creativity and productivity and then be a real benefit for business. Suggesting working one day a week in a coworking space can be another idea. Moreover, cooperative spaces are the ideal place for creating and sustaining a network. The professionals usually working in these spaces are most of the time freelancers and prone to quickly create a mutual assistance community and network.
This type of space has also the advantage of opposing the adverse effect of home working such as isolation, loss of social links, and decrease in productivity and reactivity.

In the respect, business leaders must reinvent the working schedules and the organizational methods of their colleagues. The real freedom is not only determined by the power to work out of the employee working space but the power to organize more freely, in terms of pace and schedule.

In addition to these substantial changes for the employee organization and flexibility, we must address the digitalization and the new tools used by your co-workers.

The new ways of management

The new business methods analyzed by Julien Foussard

In addition to the flexibility promoted in your organization, highlighting the reinforcement of the human factor is vital within the business structures.

Facing the last technological innovations and their implementation, the human factor is at the core of the decision process.

If using new technologies and new tools is an outstanding advantage for organizations, they must keep strong connections with their employees highlighting the added value of their humanity in the firm.
Indeed, some aspects of their work cannot be replaced by machines. For example, only human and sincere relations on the long term can perform and refine the duties of the customer relationship.

Finally, Julien Foussard notes an expansion of the corporate network: team members are not the best representative of the organization and its philosophy but they interact in an ecosystem composed of partners, advisors and contractors. The organization strength lies in the alchemy it creates in the working environment and the ecosystem in which everyone plays a role.

For the business leader, the challenge is to integrate every stakeholder in order to create some alchemy and sustainable relations. If the customer relationship is essential, the mutual understanding between colleagues and stakeholders is also indispensable. Julien Foussard concludes that only these working conditions can achieve the best performances and create some formidable energy for the rest of your activities and your long-term business growth.

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