Julien Foussard: How to inspire confidence as a manager?

Julien Foussard

Julien Foussard addresses an essential issue in the business world: confidence

As a manager, you team must know she can rely on you. Team spirit, alchemy and cooperation in the organization are the essential ingredients to boost creativity and productivity.

How to create a favorable atmosphere within your firm? How to make sure your teams trust you?

Julien Foussard answers your questions based on his experience and analysis of the situations.

Julien Foussard urges you to have the audacity of trust

In a business, team spirit is vital. Several studies have shown that creativity, productivity and motivation were boosted by the harmony and the cohesion of a group.

In that respect, you must rely on the persons you work with: trust is the keyword.

However, in order to promote cohesion within your group, the entrepreneur notes the manager must trust himself first.

By trusting himself, he will demonstrate he can manage a situation, he has the skills to meet a goal and the teams can trust him. His coworkers will be logically inclined to trust him, assuring a sense of team spirit and cohesion.

Indeed, consistency must be the main characteristics of a manager trust. In order to lead by example, involvement and logic, a manager must be consistent. His words must be aligned to the implemented actions and be significant.

As a manager, his duty is to ensure a sense of leadership on the situations, raise issues and find solutions.

In order to develop self-confidence, a manager must work on several elements, and among others, his self-esteem, his capacity to identify the strength of his colleagues to ensure their development, and a productive self-assessment to know with precision his own strengths and weaknesses.

The real value of a leader is his capacity to assess and to reconsider. Indeed, in order to step back and reflect on a given situation, and to move in the right direction, Julien Foussard recommends criticism, providing it is productive. If one of a manager’s duties is to assess his colleagues, he must also be able to assess himself and draw the necessary conclusions.

Julien Foussard explains how to do something great

How to move forward professionally? Julien Foussard gives you an idea

Your organization value will be determined by the possibility for your colleagues to reach their full potential and develop their career.

In that respect, setting a self-assessment and opinion-sharing process in the organization may be the solution.

Julien Foussard recommends allocating time every week for discussions if possible, in order to make a comprehensive assessment. Depending on your organization size, this assessment will improve the level of knowledge of everyone involved while addressing issues such as the well-being within the organization. In order to encourage free speech and develop privileged relations with your colleagues, Julien Foussard also recommends allocating time for everyone to share their opinion.

A one-to-one discussion is less impressive and might reassure your colleague if he wants to open up and share the less positive aspects of his work.

In this conversation, let him speak freely without antagonizing and listen. Trust and close relations rely on listening and respect.

By forging privileged bonds with you, your colleague will feel more confident and will be eager to complete his missions and to succeed in his role. If you humanize the relation, you will not only be considered as a manager but valued in a way that helps strengthen the link.

Julien Foussard recommends making this opinion sharing moment official in order to let everyone prepare for it. For example, if you schedule the meeting every Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, everyone will have the opportunity to work on their current task after the weekend and make an assessment in the middle of the week. What are the priorities of the week? What are the urgencies? Which tasks can wait before finding a solution?This may be the occasion for a brainstorming: indeed, according to Julien Foussard, working in a group may be 

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