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Julien Foussard’s expertise and advices

Julien Foussard’s expertise

Specialized in business consulting, digital solutions, e-commerce and innovation, and with the articles published on his blog, Julien Foussard would like to offer young entrepreneurs or professionals his expertise.

With his numerous experiences in the business world, he acquired various skills and his expertise is today widely known.

All the issues he addressed directly result from his professional experiences upon which are based his expertise and his renowned professionalism. 

In that respect, the entrepreneur develops various topics such as digital innovation, management, entrepreneurship, well-being at work, new ways of working, etc.

As a serial entrepreneur, after developing a number of projects for himself, Julien Foussard is investing in several initiatives.

As a consequence, he may advise young talents who decided to create their own businesses on every process and guide them through the different development steps of a project.

What is the appropriate time to get established? How to choose your colleagues? What are the required steps of a project? What are the priorities? How to organize? The entrepreneur answers all these questions on his blog.

Julien Foussard’s goals

Mr. Foussard’s goal is to encourage entrepreneurship and guide the young professionals who choose this profession. After experiencing all these steps, he knows the difficulties that come with the creation of a new business. Trusting yourself, trusting your project, and facing the inherent costs of creating a new firm are never easy. The necessary fundraising to implement ideas, paying for the offices and the establishing costs such as supplies, rented materials, new staff and coworkers recruitment, may be obstacles difficult to overcome when you create a business.

Sharing his experience and offering several solutions, Julien Foussard encourages the young entrepreneurs to take the adventure, to fulfill their dreams and to meet their goals.

Mr. Foussard explains how to trust yourself and your projects and how to make reliable business contacts. For example, he recommends sharing your ambitions, to promote the curiosity and the interest of others, in order to receive feedback and benefit from constructive opinions.

If Julien Foussard addresses the traditional aspects of entrepreneurship as the fundraisings, the partner researches or the employee recruitment for instance, he also develops more innovating topics.

Indeed for instance, the digital transformation is an issue that needs to be addressed by the organizations willing to reinvent themselves or ensure a timeless appeal. It is never easy to adapt, to be modern or to find new ways of working within the organization.M. Foussard offers some advice to bring in a smooth transition, train your colleagues to new work methods and guide them through the different steps of a process which may be tedious and complex.

Julien Foussard also writes articles on the current way of working which is more mobile and nomadic than before. The coworking spaces may also be a means to boost your colleagues’ productivity and creativity. When they change their work environment, when they move from the same working space, when they meet new people, they can be more galvanized.

In this blog, M. Foussard also tackles an entrepreneur or employee temporary difficulties, such as stress, lack of self-confidence and anxiety. To carry out a project, he promotes well-being and serenity. To reach a complete peace of mind, the entrepreneur offers his advice: meditation, sports or a change of diet.

This blog aims to give professionals advice on the working world in all its forms, including the balance between private and professional lives.

If you hesitate to get involved in a project and do not know how to deal with it, take time to refer to the articles written by Julien Foussard. You will surely find the answers to your questions, and with these recommendations, you will reconsider your ambitions. If you know the different steps to be implemented, the difficulties or the obstacles you will face, if you find the solutions and the means to resolve the issues and to meet the challenges, you will definitely be determined to launch your new project and meet your ambitions. Count on the advice of this entrepreneur!